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Pros and Cons of a School Sweets Fundraiser

It is of great value to learn the benefits and disadvantages of each fundraising option available to you before picking the right one for your school. We will look into the advantages and disadvantages of the candy bar fundraiser option in this article so as to help you discover the issues that may arise hence producing an effective fundraiser for schools.
To start with, we look into the advantages seeing that candy bar fundraisers have brought a lot of benefits to the event organizers in the past. The candy bar fundraisers are great for sports teams, school groups, organizations and are popular in high schools and elementary schools who earn profits quickly by their aid since they give the following advantages.
To start with, Candy Bar Fundraisers provide the planners good revenues where smaller groups benefit the most. This choice gives schools a return as high as net profits of up to 50% which seldom happens in business world.
Secondly, making sales is easy in this option because buyers are easy to find since the candy bars are cheap. The buyers just have to have a dollar or two to make a purchase and hence attracting many willing buyers.
The third advantage is that students love this option where they like selling candy bars as compared to selling catalog items. This enthusiasm is sometimes activated by letting students play an active role in choosing the candies they want to sell.
Lastly, this fundraiser is favorable to small groups too, seeing that they do not need a large order to break even. Considering the fact that one of two cases only costs a few hundred dollars, any school would be able to afford despite of their size.
Now that we have looked into the benefits, we will now look at the shortcomings. Like everything that has advantages, candy bar fundraisers also have disadvantages, which have been expounded on below.
To start with, this activity requires investment because selling can only come about if buying happened first. The school needs to sell all candy bars to avoid high amount of stock and low profits.
The second and the last con is that the candy bars can be damaged or lost especially during warm summers when it is hard to prevent the candy from melting. The organizer needs to protect the candy from the hot sun, keep checking on the available stocks and collect money periodically from the students so that the money is not stolen.

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